Thiết bị xả khí

Nút nhấn xả khí

Electrical-contact remote start device UDP 513-10 is intended for manual start of actuators of the fire protection and security and fire alarm systems. Power supply 10 to 30 V Current […]

21/02/2021 Quản Trị

Nút nhấn trì hoãn

Addressable remote start device UDP 513-11 prot. R3 is intended for manual start of actuators of fire protection systems (fire fighting, smoke exhaust, public address, internal fire line) in addressable […]

21/02/2021 Quản Trị

Hiển thị phụ

Remote control element EDU-PT is intended for remote control of operation modes of firefighting module MPT-1 prot.R3. Supply voltage 9 to 30 V Current consumption in standby mode, no more […]

21/02/2021 Quản Trị

Module điều khiển xả khí

Address firefighting module MPT-1 prot.R3 is intended for arrangement of dry powder and gas firefighting systems. It is designed to operate as a part of address system controlled by receive-control […]

21/02/2021 Quản Trị